What Matters Most, by Kellie Coates Gilbert

I was surprised by how much I liked this contemporary romance set in Austin, Texas. A very appealing romance, supported by plot details that were outside the usual, interesting, and well-done. The heroine of this book has to leave college early to take care of her mom, who has dementia. Dementia, and the legislation around […]

Book Review: “On Lone Star Trail” by Amanda Cabot

Set at a resort in Texas hill country (gotta go there someday – the author makes it sound so special), this is the final book in the Texas Crossroads series. Author Cabot gives you much to enjoy in this deeply layered, nuanced romance. If you enjoy handsome love-interests in your fiction, this book gives you two. Heroine […]

Susan Karsten’s latest book review: “The Beekeeper’s Son” by Kelly Irvin

Irvin’s latest continues to place her in the top ranks of those authors writing Amish fiction. No rose-colored glasses here. The story was light-hearted in a way, even while dealing with some serious issues such as grief, loneliness, community upheaval, unmet needs, and physical disfigurement. Irvin takes chances, too, with her story here. At least […]

At Home in Last Chance, by Cathleen Armstrong (book review by Susan Karsten)

Ignore the freaky hairdo on the cover model. This is one excellent inspirational romance! I’d like to know how the author nails her characters so well? What do I care about a once-failure of a former beautician single-mother? Don’t ask me how, but I do – and so will you as you enjoy the gritty, […]

“At Bluebonnet Lake” by Amanda Cabot — Susan Karsten’s latest book review

Kate, on a vacay with Granny, arrives at a rundown resort. How fun it is for the reader to see her walk through this trial, having a hard time enjoying her trip, for fears of Granny’s health, etc. But…a man…a fabulous man…happens to be at the resort, too. They start playing tennis together, and the […]

Review of Hearts Stolen, by Caryl McAdoo (review by Susan Karsten)

Okay … Let me just say … WOW! Hearts Stolen is an exceptional read! With great skill, this author brings on the trials of life, making the reader care deeply about her sojourning characters. The  heroine (what a courageous woman!) and the delightful hero (Gotta find me one!) come together and find love  in a very special way I haven’t […]

Susan Karsten’s Latest Book Review: Lady Luck’s a Loser, by CARYL McADOO

Wow!  Who’d have thought a older heroine named Marge and a size 2X hero would make for such an entertaining romp of a story?!  Now, I have it from the author, that this book was written well before the show Bachelorette came on TV, but the story has some similarities.  So, if you are a […]

Susan Karsten’s latest book review: A Woman of Fortune, by Kellie Coates Gilbert

Because it is mostly about a disaster within a family and a marriage, I can’t say that I loved this book… but I liked it. If you can get past the subject matter, it’s a very intriguing, unusual, and well-written story. I don’t want to tell too much of what happens to this marriage and […]

Susan Karsten’s latest Book Review: Vow Unbroken, by Caryl McAdoo

Okay … Let me just say … WOW! Vow Unbroken is pure joy! Without any strain or visible effort, this author brings out the joyful aspects of life, making the reader want deeply to enter into this lovely story world. The sparkling heroine (you want to be her best friend), the delightful hero (makes you want to […]