Pelican Point, by Irene Hannon

Oh my! What a lovely romance. Not only do the main characters find true love, but we get to go along for the ride. Hannon’s skills as a romance author are a cut above the others in the genre. She brings so much to the table with her settings, her characters, the details, and the […]

A Stolen Heart, by Amanda Cabot

Amanda Cabot is one of Christian fiction’s most reliable authors. She pens contemporary romances as well as historical romances. I’ve enjoyed them all. This latest offering, set in 1880 Texas, is a very sweet romance–appropriate for a story featuring a heroine who makes candy and runs a candy store for a living. Learn a little […]

My latest book review: Amanda Cabot’s “With Autumn’s Return” (review by Susan Karsten)

I have to say, this book is just right. Very interesting historical details woven seamlessly into the plot. ¬†Author Cabot also brings suspense into the book without laying it on too thick. The story threads are interesting, edgy for this type of book, and fascinating. Cheyenne, Wyoming in 1887 was a maturing boomtown. ¬† It […]