Thrifty Tip: Make a poly mailer out of an Under Armour bag

HI from Susan! Those who know me, know I am thrifty. Being thrifty is one of my hobbies, honed over the years. Do you ever need to ship something and don’t have a mailer? I bet you do have one of those “too-good-to-throw-out” bags like the ones that come from the Under Armour store. Here’s […]

Thrifty Tip for gently used Aluminum Foil

This is just a little tip I picked up somewhere: When you have a nice piece of foil left from something you baked (maybe it covered a casserole and is pretty clean) fold it, clean side out, and use it for a spoon rest. When it has done its duty, dispose of it. Susan Karsten […]

Free Cutting Boards

For years now, I have had access to a renewable source of free cutting ¬†boards. Is a cutting board company giving me free boards to try? No. Is my mother repetitively gifting cutting boards to me? NO. Did I receive 22 cutting boards as wedding gifts? No. But around here, buying ice cream by the […]

Party Decorations ~ home made

From our recent graduation party ~~ thought you might enjoy some inspiration from some simple decor we came up with. Here are the table decorations: Candle is in a holder, but any pedestal dish should work. ¬†Tissue paper (Purchased for the occasion), gold tinselly stuff (around $2/bag, 1 bag for 8 tables, color- coordinated candy […]

Baby Bib from repurposed polo shirt!

By cutting down from the shoulders of a boy’s thermal polo shirt, I created an easy-to-make bib. I added some terrycloth to the bottom edge (great for wiping) and used bias tape to rein in the raw edges. It’s really fun when recycling works this way. Now I also have the fun of giving it […]

What to do with Vintage Hankies

I had a lot of fun creating this whimsical, light and airy curtain for my laundry room. Didn’t want to block any light for this west window, but, of course, wanted a softening touch. Thrift store: one white sheet marquisette curtain panel: fifty cents! Sew on five vintage hankies: atmospheric window treatment with vintage flare.