Murder Comes by Mail, by A. H. Gabhart

Susan here, with a review of an exciting new release from Revell Publishing. Murder Comes by Mail is a cozy mystery. Number two in the series, readers will find a charming setting in the little town of Hidden Springs. One will also stumble across a charming, subtle hero in Sheriff Michael Keane. Things have a […]

Book Review: Vendetta, by Lisa Harris

First book in the “Nikki Boyd Files” series, This nail-biter of a story takes the reader into the world of a missing persons task force. The main character, Nikki Boyd, has a missing sister and is all too close to the pain of this type of loss. Shockingly, some clues emerge about her missing sister […]

Book Review: Murder at the Courthouse, by A.H. Gabhart

Gabhart’s deceptively lighthearted mystery unravels into a baffling case that has lovable former policeman turned deputy sheriff Michael reeling from clue to clue. The town with a population just over 700 holds the clues, but how will the plethora of theories be whittled down to reveal the truth? When the sheriff begins to investigate one […]