A Moonbow Night, by Laura Frantz

With a vividly detailed tale reminiscent of Jane Kirkpatrick’s historical fiction, Frantz’s newest release lives up to her fans’ expectations. Author Frantz takes the reader on a journey into the wilderness during the early days of settlement in Kentucky (called Kentucke in the novel). She nails the setting and you may feel your toes tingling […]

Book Review: “The Mistress of Tall Acre”, by Laura Frantz

This novel, by veteran Christian fiction author Laura Frantz, will keep your interest. What an interesting setting, unusual plot, and striking characters. Frantz has brought all this together in a delicious weave of words that will please the historical romance reader. Set in the years after the American Revolutionary War (a setting that isn’t over-used […]

“Love’s Fortune” by Laura Frantz ~ Susan Karsten’s latest book review

This is some excellent historical fiction!! If you like romance — who doesn’t? — this will surely satisfy your sweet tooth and craving for an elegant read. So well structured, the story captures you immediately and takes you to a world of the past. 1850s Pennsylvania makes the setting for this emotionally satisfying and thrilling […]