Redeeming Grace, by Jill Eileen Smith

My latest book review: The latest of twelve biblical fiction novels by this author, she certainly has a way of bringing Bible days to life. In fact, her creative characters practically jump off the page, they are so real. In Redeeming Grace, we join Naomi who is a practicing midwife, before she leaves Israel for […]

Book review: The Prophetess, by Jill Eileen Smith

The Prophetess…by the title, anyone who is biblically literate can guess that this book is about Deborah, the Old Testament prohet — a prophet given to Israel as a judgement against their sin. The book is well-done, dramatic, action-packed and illuminating. The author has fleshed out Deborah’s life, added dimension with well-defined and imaginative characters. […]

Book Review: Rachel, a novel, by Jill Eileen Smith

Setting the inevitable debate about Biblical fiction aside for a moment: This book is SO well-written. How does this creative author come up with such fascinating ideas to flesh out the fascinating tale of Rachel, Leah, and Jacob?? ¬† Wow! From the blurb: ¬†Rachel wants nothing more than for her older half sister Leah to […]