Buttonholed, by Anita Klumpers

Hi! Susan Karsten here…recently, I mentioned my own new release, Charlotte’s Dilemma. It’s a novella and part of a series of 8 novellas (short novels) connected by a theme. The theme is from the famous bible passage Phillipians 4:8 that begins, Whatever is pure…, and ends, …think on these things. Thus we have the series […]

“Hounded” a novella by Anita Klumpers

If you enjoy snickering while reading (I do), and prefer unique plots (who doesn’t), populated by characters who are anything but “same old”, you may have found your next read in Hounded, by Wisconsin author, Anita Klumpers. The book is a compelling and puzzling mystery that keeps you guessing (amid chuckles and snorts of laughter). […]

Susan Karsten’s latest Book Review: “Winter Watch” by Anita Klumpers

Hi, dear blog followers! I really liked Winter Watch, the debut novel of Anita Klumpers. ¬†Anita lives within about 60 miles of me, so I have met her in person. I want you to know that, even though I consider her a friend, that hasn’t influenced the glowing review I am about to give. My […]