A Heart Most Certain, by Melissa Jagears

Susan here, with another book review for all you Christian fiction fans. I found this one to be quite enjoyable, with a unique story line. Set in 1905 Kansas, this one has an authentic historic feel to it. ¬†As I read along, I could sense the distinctive era seeping off the page in a delightful, […]

A Love Transformed, by Tracie Peterson

A fascinating historical that takes the reader from glittering, rich settings in New York City, to the hills of Montana. The story is feasible, not one where you have to suspend your better judgement. A young widow has the chance to flee the controlling, lying people who are circling around her, and go back to […]

“A Sweet Misfortune” by Maggie Brendan

I normally like my historical fiction a little more detailed than this one, BUT it kept me reading — and that means that the story carried the day here. And isn’t that what we read for? The story. Book opens with a rescued damsel. Shocking situation! I don’t want to reveal the type of establishment […]