The Edge of Belonging by Amanda Cox – a review

From the title, to the cover, to the way the story draws you immediately in, this debut novel delivers. On top of characters I can relate to, this book contains several high-interest elements. I enjoy reading about adoption mysteries, estate sales, and inheritances – all of which are contained in this book – and I […]

Something Worth Doing, by Jane Kirkpatrick – a book review by Susan Karsten

Kirkpatrick has developed a successful writing career with her historic fiction, many set in the northwest of the United States. This latest book combines pioneer life, with women’s suffrage. The first part of the book details how heroine Abigail Scott, a frontier teacher, finds love and marriage. Some interesting details in this section involve a […]

Book Review, Peace in the Valley, by Kelly Irvin

Kelly Irvin really pushes the boundaries of the Amish romance genre with this story. Nora is already set with her special friend Levi. but when a wildfire burns down their town, she becomes a refugee. She goes to a relative who has left the conservative Amish life and is part of a charismatic Amish congregation. […]

Book Review: A Life Once Dreamed by Rachel Fordham

This was a pleasant, non-suspenseful romance. Agnes Pratt becomes a schoolteacher after fleeing from the East, and from a relationship. Why did she flee? We can tell it wasn’t anything she did wrong, nothing the man, James Harris, did wrong — so what was it? The events of the book include a Scarlet Fever epidemic, […]

My Latest Release: The Missing Quilt Mystery, by Susan Karsten

Hi everyone! Susan Karsten here – writing about my newest book. Often, I review the books of others here, but this time, It will be one of my own books — my first cozy mystery! The Missing Quilt Mystery is available on Amazon, as an e-book, or in paperback. Excitingly, it can also be ordered […]

Everything About Us, by Lisa Lickel

Hi! Susan Karsten here…recently, I mentioned my  new release, Charlotte’s Dilemma, a novella part of a series of 8 novellas connected by a theme. The theme comes from the famous Bible passage Phillipians 4:8 that begins, Whatever is pure…, and ends, …think on these things. Thus, the series subtitle: Ponder This! But today, we are […]

A Perfect Fit, by Christine Schimpf

Hi! Susan Karsten here…recently, I told you about my own novella’s release, Charlotte’s Dilemma. It’s part of a series of 8 novellas (short novels) connected by a theme from the famous bible passage Phillipians 4:8 that begins, Whatever is pure…, and ends, …think on these things. Thus we have the series subtitle: Ponder This! But […]