Book Review: Roots & Sky, by Christie Purifoy

Hard to categorize, this non-fiction book contains the elements of a personal narrative, without a strong narrative line. If you like creative use of language, subtle insights, and the feeling of peeking into another person’s life, you may enjoy this book. The author uses the device of a new home…a highly desired home, to explore […]

A review of “Christmas at Rose Hill Farm, by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Hi! Amish fiction — such a mixture! This book certainly proves that out, in a unique way. Let’s start by saying, if you are interested in the Amish, and the horticulture of roses, you will probably like this book a lot. The third thing I’d like to highlight about this book is a plot element […]

Perennial Gardening — so fun! Revamped the Flower Bed in the Backyard

Too bad I did not take a before picture, but here’s the after. Nothing in bloom right now, but I got serious, and spent three hours this afternoon to accomplish a much-needed project. I moved probably ten plants including coneflower, Jacob’s ladder, Dutchman’s breeches, and coral bells. Yanked out straying lamium and fireworks plant, and […]