Magnolia Duchess, by Beth White

This author just keeps improving. Deftly weaving a total of three romances, this one holds together well, and like all good historical fiction, has the reader painlessly learning. This time, it’s the lead up to the Battle of New Orleans. Hero washes up on beach. Heroine saves his life. Loyalty, faith, love and hope all […]

Book review: The Prophetess, by Jill Eileen Smith

The Prophetess…by the title, anyone who is biblically literate can guess that this book is about Deborah, the Old Testament prohet — a prophet given to Israel as a judgement against their sin. The book is well-done, dramatic, action-packed and illuminating. The author has fleshed out Deborah’s life, added dimension with well-defined and imaginative characters. […]

Book Review: “A Noble Masquerade”, by Kristi Ann Hunter

If you like romance novels with delightful twists and turns, and a bit of tension thrown in for good measure, this debut novel from Kristi Ann Hunter will more than likely feed your literary desires. In A Noble Masquerade, the conflicts and tensions are “real-world”, which I like, and yet the whole setting “takes you away” […]

Susan Karsten’s latest Book Review: Love’s Rescue, by Christine Johnson

Author Christine Johnson was new to me. Wow, I really wasn’t ready for her level of non-stop plot twists, hectic tension, and persevering young love. But now that I’ve found out about her, I will be watching for more historical fiction from her. Set in Key West, (a setting I’ve never come across before) in […]

“Love’s Fortune” by Laura Frantz ~ Susan Karsten’s latest book review

This is some excellent historical fiction!! If you like romance — who doesn’t? — this will surely satisfy your sweet tooth and craving for an elegant read. So well structured, the story captures you immediately and takes you to a world of the past. 1850s Pennsylvania makes the setting for this emotionally satisfying and thrilling […]

Susan Karsten’s Latest Book Review: The Butterfly and the Violin, by Kristy Cambron

Romance. The holocaust. A mystery involving a painting. A fabulously rich legacy.  Have I got your attention?  All the mentioned elements are in this book.  This is the debut novel for the author, and I am quite impressed.   One measure I have for a good book is if it makes me cry.  This book […]

Susan Karsten’s latest Book Review: “A Place in His Heart” by Rebecca Demarino

This historical fiction book, set in 1630, takes the reader on a unique journey. From England’s towns to pioneer America, the varied and non-cliched characters are enjoyable to travel with. The main characters, Mary & Barnabas, are thrown together by providence. They try to make the best of their marriage of love and convenience. But […]