Honor Redeemed, by Christine Johnson

I was wowed by this book. A real winner in the historical romance genre. Set in 1852, the story takes you on a journey from Nantucket to Key West–and that’s just in the novel’s opening chapter. The premise was fresh, and the conflicts on the road to happiness were what I consider to be quite […]

Susan Karsten’s latest Book Review: Desperate Measures, by Sandra Orchard

Rollicking, heart-pounding action from page one — if that’s your cuppa, you will enjoy this unusual romantic suspense novel. Put together a mystery plant, big bad business, missing father, handsome cop, and a female protagonist who doesn’t know who she can trust, and you’ve got a real nail-biter of a story to enjoy. Do you […]

Susan Karsten’s latest Book Review: Love’s Rescue, by Christine Johnson

Author Christine Johnson was new to me. Wow, I really wasn’t ready for her level of non-stop plot twists, hectic tension, and persevering young love. But now that I’ve found out about her, I will be watching for more historical fiction from her. Set in Key West, (a setting I’ve never come across before) in […]