Never Give Up, by John Mason

Happy to review this book. Slim, yet serious and thought-provoking, this gentle confidence-boosting book goes far beyond platitudes. I was blown away from the first page. The author is like a surgeon, with his delicate, subtle probings into the human spirit. Now, some people say I am picky, and that may be true, but this […]

I Cry Out to the Lord, a post by Susan Karsten

Don’t be alarmed at me crying out…just in prayer! “Just” — that’s an understatement. As one of God’s children, I have access to my Heavenly Father at all times. While jogging this morning, thoughts whirling, I started calling God’s name. My mind settled and little things started coming into notice. Little things – is not […]

What Your Heart Needs for the Hard Days, Holley Gerth…Susan Karsten’s latest book review

The whimsical cover belies the contents. This little volume (4 x 6″) contains serious, hard-hitting, and engaging devotionals. You won’t want to read only one reading per week (the book contains 52 readings) because they are so interesting and meaningful. Perfect for a suffering friend (even if it’s just stress), as a welcomed gift for […]

Susan Karsten’s Latest Book Review: “A Dad’s Prayers for His Daughter” by Teigen

 Prayer for all the aspects of a daughter’s life can feel like an insurmountable hill to climb. The new book: A Dad’s Prayers for His Daughter breaks prayer needs into 88 very relatable and realistic prayers. Just glancing through the intriguing prayer topics made me feel like I was opening a treasure trove. Then as […]

Movie Review: “All is Lost”

This is my first blogged movie review. “All is Lost” was nominated for an Academy Award, and stars Robert Redford. This movie is about a man whose sailing boat/yacht is struck and damaged by a shipping container. The movie has no dialogue and is one long effort to survive. The movie did not blow me […]

“100 Days of Blessing” (Volumes 1 & 2) by Nancy Campbell ~ a book review by Susan Karsten

When I saw that the second volume of the “100 Days of Blessing” devotional book was now available, I ordered it immediately. For someone who gets almost all her abundant reading material from the library, or from used book stores, this is saying a lot. The devotionals are exceptional and oh, so relatable. If you […]

You (esp. Mothers at Home) Represent God to your Children

Most of this post is an excerpt from Nancy Campbell’s latest email to moms around the world.  With Mother’s Day upon us, it is good to remember that our children look up to us. We are like “small g” gods to them. And therefore, we must give a true representation of Him as well as […]

Little-Known Beauty Tips, by Susan Karsten

Our culture is beauty-obsessed. Many woman are caught up in worrying too much about how they look. To relieve your anxiety in this area, please meditate upon and enact the practice of the following. 1. After you have dressed and done your hair, and makeup … now forget about it. Let that be that. Don’t […]