Book Review of: Confident Moms, Confident Daughters, by Furlough

  This book covers many aspects of raising a confident daughter. From how to view one’s appearance, to body image, to dealing with the “world”, this is a solidly helpful book. You’d really have to absorb the message, though, if you are having this sort of problem. You can’t just skim, or even read a […]

What is an A-line dress? Not what you are hearing these days!

I’ll admit it, I watch a wedding dress show while I am working out. The reason I am posting about this is that I keep hearing the term “A-line” being used WRONG by these fancy-dancy wedding dress salespeople. They erroneously call a-line what is actually a natural waistline dress. For clarification, here are some A-line […]

Black Friday Report, by Susan Karsten

Here in rural WI, the shopping scene underwhelms. Today, I went out the door a bit before 8, and ceased shopping around noon. When it gets super-crowded, I don’t like it. When I go, the early birds are gone and the late-risers aren’t there yet. TJ Maxx was one stop. Their prices are pretty good […]

Little-Known Beauty Tips, by Susan Karsten

Our culture is beauty-obsessed. Many woman are caught up in worrying too much about how they look. To relieve your anxiety in this area, please meditate upon and enact the practice of the following. 1. After you have dressed and done your hair, and makeup … now forget about it. Let that be that. Don’t […]