Cooking Up a Mystery, by Gail Palotta

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Just finished this one, in time for its release, which is today! Congrats to Palotta! Laney and Eric’s romance is the primary focus of this light-hearted, enjoyable cozy mystery. We readers are happy to be along for the ride as two people (who have been burned in the past) cook up a sweet relationship.

Laney has a tea shop/restaurant and she’s super-determined to make it a success. Strange occurences begin, and her fragile peace is threatened.

Eric, incapacitated by an injury to his leg, is unable to physically help Laney, but he wants to help her, that’s for sure. He’s a kind teacher, and meeting Laney and tasting her food gives him bright spots during his confinement.

Palotta cooks up a pleasing romance/mystery, and the recipes at the end of the book are amazing! As they say in restaurants, when they set your plate in front of you, “Enjoy!”

Available on Barnes & Noble, and Amazon.

Thank you!

Susan Karsten, blog author

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