This Worthy Heart, by Dixie Jo Jarchow

Hi! Susan Karsten here with a review of This Worthy Heart.  Recently, I mentioned my own new release, Charlotte’s Dilemma. It’s a novella and part of a series of 8 novellas (short novels) connected by the famous bible passage Phillipians 4:8 that begins, Whatever is pure…, and ends, …think on these things. Thus we have the series subtitle: Ponder This!

This Worthy Heart is a novella with a lot going for it. From the first few pages we are rooting for the heroine Celestina (known as Cele), who wins our sympathy early on. We root for her as she suffers physical pain, being taken advantage of by others, doubts, and illness.

You just know the Lord has something good for Cele down the road, but when? And what will it be? Several potential mates are circling (I won’t say who), but she may not make the right choice. The man that’s kind and humble, or the man that offers the bright lights and big time lifestyle?

Many interesting elements are in the mix, including a tennis pro, tiny dog, soup kitchen, and living with a medical condition.

PonderThis_series_sm 8 books

You’ll get a kick out of Cele and all her doings! This novella is available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

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