The Preacher and the Shopkeeper, by Irene Onorato

This book starts off with a really fresh premise, and it only gets better from there. The Preacher and the Shopkeeper is a story inside the story of a town that has fallen on hard times. So hard, that the setting almost feels dystopian!  But it’s not…it’s a lovely and humorous tale of a town and a romance between two interesting characters, Ava and Brandon.

One of the hilarious things in this book is when Preacher Brandon Sparks, the hero, comes to town as a new pastor, he goes into his pulpit in the church sanctuary. While he’s getting the feel for the place, a rat appears. It sounds and reads a little gross, but it’s really funny and we quickly learn that it’s the pet…phew, of the janitor. The scene is priceless.

Then, he finds out on Sunday, that the church only has one member left. The janitor. Janitor is a bit of a sage and only one of many priceless characters you will meet in this enjoyable story.

Heroine Ava Kipling is a real pistol and her mom is another character you would love to know in real life. Full of zingers for Ava, mom is a solid rock for Ava’s tumultuous personality to turn to when things go wrong.

I won’t spoil your reading fun by telling a lot more, but the is a book that I highly recommend, and am confident that you will enjoy. The story’s pace and details are spot on, and the redeeming story line is so good!

The Preacher and the Shopkeeper

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