Book Review: An Amish Picnic – four stories

Four quaint stories of Amish people finding love. Each story features a picnic happening either as a pivotal element or merely one of several settings. Apparently, picnics are one of the courtship process activities that Amish people approve of and enjoy.

Amy Clipston, Kelly Irvin, Kathleen Fuller, and Vannetta Chapman each contribute a tale to this satisfying offering. Impediments daunt the couples, but true love is found by each pair. For one couple, the man’s financial fears slow things down, for another couple, the woman’s self esteem, battered by a speech impediment causes her backward grumpy suitor to walk on eggshells to win her.

Another couple gets tangled in troubles when a chubby heroine gets jealous of the slim blond beauty who shows up at a fishing date. Turns out that’s not a competitor, but the difficulties are rather funny the way the author plays it out. And finally, a women with claustrophobia and a male friend find some old letters, and the mystery behind them leads to a love story of their own.

Very satisfying book for fans of the Amish romance genre. Makes you want to picnic.

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