Charlotte’s Dilemma ~ new release!

Hello, faithful blog readers! Instead of my usual book reviews done for books by other authors, this will be a post about my own novella, due for release on March 6, 2020.

This novella came about because of motivation. The motivation was the chance to have my work published in a novella collection with several authors who are with my publisher, Prism Book Group. The genre could have been anything I wanted, but of course I picked my long-held favorite — the Regency Romance.

The theme of this book has to do with injustice turning into blessing. Charlotte’s  a victim of scandal then banished, but she keeps her courage to go on. Not understanding how her current reduced situation is God’s will, she trusts and “does the next thing.”

There are several reasons to read this novella: It’s fun! Even though the victim of a scandal in society, Charlotte’s lighthearted acceptance provides smiles and chuckles. Then there’s the handsome hero, Hugh (and in true Regency mode, you don’t learn his first name until the very end of the story). Another reason to read is to immerse yourself in a clean, pure romance. And finally, if you like the Regency genre, there’s no reason not to enjoy Charlotte’s Dilemma.

Please take a look at Charlotte’s Dilemma, it’s available for pre-order on Amazon (only $3.99), Barnes & Noble, and on the Prism Book Group website. Thank you!

CharlottesDilemma_prc5483_680 nice Thank you for your interest! Susan Karsten




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