Review of An Amish Christmas Bakery (a collection of novellas)

Four of your favorite authors in one book! As a Kelly Irvin fan, I read her story first, but then moved on to the other three which were really good and enjoyable.

Each of the stories was set in an Amish bakery. It was interesting to learn little tidbits about their baking distinctives, such as baking with a wood-fired oven. I’d never heard that people were still doing that, and they say that using wood fire to bake lends a special flavor to the baked goods.

Learned a few new Amish words, such as schee, which means pretty. Krank means ill. Froh is happy. I’ve read quite a few Amish novels, but these seemed new, at least to me.

More than some other collections/books, it seemed to present every young Amish man as super-handsome in these romances. Wow, I’ve only ever seen one decent-looking Amish man. Again, that’s just me.

But, these were fun to read and well-done.



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