Review of Stitches in Time, by Suzanne Woods Fisher

This was a really good story. As we read this one, we learn about the experiences of a newly-tapped Amish deacon.  This particular character was not too far along in life from his years as a delinquent. His little wife had also come fairly recently out of the foster care system. Their names are Izzy and Luke.

A few of things struck me as odd. Izzy was a convert to Amish. Yet, she had never read the bible, and never heard of the Good Shepherd. I am a little surprised that the Amish elders would have approved her joining their congregation.

Another odd thing was the back cover blurb. It talked about a couple who were secondary characters at best. Mollie and Sam were in the book, but the dominating characters were Izzy and Luke.  So that was odd.


And one last oddity, related to the Mollie character, that’s her on the cover. She WASN’T the main female character!

Okay, all that said, this was a good read. A foster home had a mold problem and all the girls there had to be placed on an emergency basis with the Amish people right nearby. Lots of interesting things happened when the troubled girls came to stay. I won’t go into details because I want you to enjoy it yourself.


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