Book Review of Yours Truly Thomas, by Rachel Fordham


This was a fun book overall. I couldn’t put it down! I had to find out what happened. And isn’t that what every author wants? Yes, we want to make people keep reading.

This took place in D.C., Annapolis, and Iowa — those are some unusual and fresh settings. I liked learning about Dead Letter Offices. That’s a thing! Back when people wrote letters for the main way of communicating, there were offices where the workers tried to figure out where a lost or poorly addressed letter should go. With D. C. being so large, I guess I can accept a department of dead letters with many workers. At first, I questioned that…but I bet this author did plenty of research.

I guess in 1883, a woman might actually potentially go on a trip out west (to Iowa) on a whim. It could have happened.

The hero, Thomas, was someone you’ll really cheer for. He goes through quite  a transformation throughout the book.  I think you will enjoy it.

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2 thoughts on “Book Review of Yours Truly Thomas, by Rachel Fordham

  1. Thanks for reading and reviewing. I don’t know if I can leave a picture in a comment but if you google the historic dead letter office there are some great pictures of the room full of workers. there used to be just one dead letter office (now its regional) so it was a big building.

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