Review of: “The Pink Bonnet” by Liz Tolsma


I happen to have the privilege of know ing the author, Liz Tolsma. This was one of her best books! Action packed, full of really interesting historical details, it brought to life a real crime that happened in the early 1900s. Georgia Tann was a crooked woman who stole children and sold them to desperate adoptive parents.

Tolsma’s book takes a fictional character…a mom whose three-year old is snatched. The bulk of the book is taken up with her efforts to get baby Millie back. Will she? Will Mrs. Tann win? Who will help the mothers whose children are stolen?

If you like stories about adoption, baby abduction, crooked old ladies, you will like this story.

This blog is written by Susan Karsten, historical fiction author of A Match for Melissa, and the upcoming A Refuge for Rosanna, both available on Amazon. I’d love it if you’d check them out, and potentially order them!

ARefugeForRosanna_prc5235_120Releasing July 9!

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