“On a Summer Tide” by Suzanne Woods Fisher

Susan here.  Oh, I am so excited to be reading this book! This makes two in a row, of really exceptionally good Christian fiction books. On a Summer Tide, features three sisters. I’m only guessing at this point (haven’t finished it, I’m savoring it) which of the sisters will find her true love in this entertaining romp of a book.

In my opinion, the potential for two more books in the series is a good–no–a  great thing!

Cam, Maddie, and Blaine are three unique sisters (aren’t all sisters unique?!), and that fact gives plenty of room for the author to shine. She makes it all very interesting when the girls’ father buys an island! Yes, a decrepit island off Maine. Not a setting I’ve ever encountered before and boy, is it fun.

The dad, who has an injured voice (never came across that character detail before), sells the family home, and buys an island. The island is the site of the summer camp where he met his wife decades in the past. His wife has recently passed away, but circumstances, and a tiny bit of manipulation, work together so that all the daughters come to the island as he takes possession. Did I forget to say, that he bought it sight unseen?

The fun begins! I don’t want to say too much, because I don’t want to take away any of your enjoyment. But I will say that the set-up (some call it the premise), the characters, the setting, and the delightful details are shaping up in a satisfying way! I highly recommend this book.


On a Summer Tide is charming, amusing, and absorbing–what more could we ask?

My own book, by the author of this blog, is also available on Amazon. A Match for Melissa features a young lady trying to do the right thing. Her wealthy father wants to marry her off to someone with a title. She wants true love. Enjoy the journey, as Melissa faces danger, scandal, and tough decisions.

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