Coach Wooden’s Forgotten Teams, by Pat Williams, a review by Susan Karsten


This book is so interesting! If you are inspired by stories of great leadership, this one’s for you. I’ll get it right out there, I am not a fan of basketball at any level. I will politely watch a game if a relative or friend is playing, but otherwise, it’s a no for me, dog. BUT, this book is so well-written, and chock-full of anecdotes that transfer over to general interest that I am giving it five stars. This would make a perfect grad gift for any readers who play roundball, for any coaches or would-be coaches, for leaders, for sports fans, etc. One last compliment for this book: It was so well-written, that I am potentially going to seek out and read other books by the author, Pat Williams.

Thanks for reading this review! Bye for now, Susan

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