A Borrowed Dream, by Amanda Cabot

By now, my readers know that Amanda Cabot is one of the better active authors in the Christian fiction world. Her stories are engaging and hold up well.

This offering by Cabot has a little more of a dark edge than some of her books. You’ll find a character whose father beats the tar out of him, a character hiding out from a vengeful criminal, and a mysterious scarred woman.

The second book in the Cimarron Creek Trilogy, A Borrowed Dream is a book you will want to read and enjoy from start to finish, especially if you like stories set in the American small town settler frontier days of the 1880s. Catherine’s romance is believable and the suspense level is high enough to keep you reading, but not put you on edge.

I liked it, and hope you investigate this author’s other books, especially her contemporary romances, which are excellent too.103_1520.jpg

Note from the blogger: My own debut fiction book came out last August. If you like Regency romance, or want to check it out, please find A Match for Melissa, available on Amazon, or Barnes & Noble.

2 thoughts on “A Borrowed Dream, by Amanda Cabot

  1. Susan — Thanks so much for taking the time to read and review A Borrowed Dream. I’m absolutely delighted that you enjoyed it! Also, congratulations on the release of A Match for Melissa — great cover and title. I hope it’s selling well.

  2. Hi, dear Amanda. You are very welcome for the review. Thanks for the congrats, not sure on the sales, but I am looking forward to books two and three coming out in the future. I also have a new agent, praise the Lord.

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