A Soldier’s Song, by Renie Onorato

pexels-photo-210764.jpegThis excellent, highly enjoyable novel takes you into the life of pianist Aria Greco. She’s a lovely, trusting young lady whose father is the commander of an Army unit. One of his men, Dex, gets to meet her for the first time at the wedding of a mutual friend. Wow, does he fall hard!

The rest of the story takes the reader on the gentle, but thrilling roller-coaster ride of their love story. Separated geographically, the couple’s long-distance romance is full of tender yearning and joyous reunions.

As I mentioned when I reviewed the last book by this author, she loads many interesting details into the story. Little things that add to the charm, and the realism. Things like what it’s like to work in a music store, to meet a world-famous conductor, on down to the idiosyncrasies of the main characters — their flaws and all.

I won’t tell you the satisfying details of how it all unfolds, because you’ll want to take your time and enjoy every page. This book is a really worthwhile romantic read.

Here’s the cover image:Inline image

Here’s a picture of the author, Irene Onorato:

Inline image



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