Beneath the Summer Sun, by Kelly Irvin

Another good book by Kelly Irvin, the premiere Amish fiction author working today. Her books are so real, so detailed, with new information about the unusual lives of the Amish in every one of her books. For example, in this book, readers learn more about the differences between Amish and Mennonite, and how the Amish view Mennonites. The main female character is a widow of five years with a dark secret, and a large number of children. How she is looked at by her community is informative as well.

Another interesting element had to do with one of the lead male characters, Leo. Apparently, this single, Amish man had been in a serious funk for twenty years, living on who knows what, hiding from the world, licking his wounds and living at a subsistence level.


To find out how he becomes restored to life, go ahead and read this well-written book. Again, as I’ve said before, author Kelly Irvin does not put on the rose-colored glasses when she writes her Amish fiction. You get the real story.

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