Make a protective bag for washing delicates (or Velcro items)

Here’s Susan again, with another fab thrifty tip. This is a bag for washing delicates: bras, nylons, sweaters and knits that you don’t want to get agitated too hard, etc. Can also be used for washing soccer shin-guards (which was actually what I invented it for).

Especially great since you don’t want the hooks on bras to catch and snag other delicate items, right? So, start with a pillowcase you are done with (this one was torn and worn).


Make cutting lines as seen below.


Go ahead and cut on the lines.103_1030


Use the resulting narrow ends to tie the bag closed.103_1031


You can use the cut-out for rags, too.103_1032

I hope you like my easy, thrifty “delicates washing bag”, thanks!

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