The Day the Angels Fell, Shawn Smucker

I received this book from Revell Publishing. This is what I consider to be middle grade fantasy. It would have excellent appeal to adult fantasy readers as well.


The writing in this debut novel is smooth, clear and engaging. I was impressed by the ease with which the author drew the reader into the story world. Not too much suspension of belief necessary, yet one was willing to go on. On a journey with a redemptive element.

An antique store, a mysteriously compelling message, a fire, and many more facets draw the reader ever onward to a satisfying conclusion.

This blog review is by Susan Karsten, who has her own debut novel out, just released in August, 2017. It’s a Regency romance, and very historical and inspirational.

A Match for Melissa

Susan KarstenHere’s me, Susan Karsten.

A Match for Melissa is available on Amazon!


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