An Amish Christmas Love (a four-author collection)


I received this from a publisher who hoped for a review…here it is: The first story/novella in this collection is worth the entire purchase price (if you want to buy it ;).

Beth Wiseman is the author of the first story in the book. The title is “Winter Kisses”. Now before you judge a story by its title, though there is some kissing, kissing is just a minor element of a charming, engaging, interesting, and different story.

Three women, three generations — living together. The two older ones are widows, one long-time, one recent. The younger woman is single, never married.

Without telling too much and spoiling the story, I’ll just share that the set-up, or premise, if you will, is quite fun. At least one of the female characters is a real hoot and a half. And finally, the tale is pretty realistic, with lots of details about the Amish way of life.

I recommend this book, on the basis of the first story alone, but the other three have merit as well.

This review is by Susan Karsten, author of A Match for Melissa, released in July, 2017, available on

A Match for Melissa

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