Evidence Not Seen, by Carlene Havel

I recently read this novella and want to give it high praise. Remember this name: CARLENE HAVEL. Why? Because her writing is superior: enjoyable, deeply layered, nuanced, fun, and intersting. Not to mention, well-written.

I enjoyed that the book was set in the 1980s. I was alive then, and she “nailed it” as far as period details. Just the right amount of detail, and it was all interesting. The clothes described, the food eaten, the cars, the jobs, all very realistic.

Havel paints her scenes to the point were I can easily summon up the gut-wrenching scene when the mom of the hero wonders how it will be to re-unite with her husband, and she fears he won’t want her. Then there’s the party scene near the beginning of the novella…I felt like I was there, and the hero gives a ride home to a girl whose date got drunk.

The story holds together very well, and the author keeps you guessing, while you enjoy the journey. Well done. Impressive work.


Part of a collection (cover seen above), Havel’s novella is a real treat.

Susan Karsten here…I am the writer of this blog. I often review books, but I also write them. My first published work will be releasing on 7-7-17 (a month away). My book, A Match for Melissa, is historical fiction, set in the Regency period (early-1800s England) and written from a Christian perspective. I hope you will consider taking a look at it, and perhaps reading it. See below.

A link to my publisher’s info page about the book: http://prismbookgroup.com/store/index.php?main_page=document_product_info&cPath=37_73&products_id=900

Here’s an image of the cover:Displaying AMatchForMelissa_prc5371_680.jpg

It will be available on Amazon on JULY 7, 2017. Thanks!

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