Never Give Up, by John Mason

Happy to review this book. Slim, yet serious and thought-provoking, this gentle confidence-boosting book goes far beyond platitudes.

I was blown away from the first page. The author is like a surgeon, with his delicate, subtle probings into the human spirit. Now, some people say I am picky, and that may be true, but this book got past my guard and brought bouyancy to my heart.

Mason calls his chapters “Nuggets” and they are nuggets — ones that sneak into your core and nestle under your heart and in your mind.

So many books like this…I read them and say to my self, “Yeah, but…” — not here. I found myself concurring and relishing the words.

He covers topics like unforgiveness, responsibility, excuses, be yourself, focus on what to do next.  I can’t wait to read this again, to analyze what it is that makes it so fresh and relevant. And, one more thing, I will be keeping this book for myself, not passing it on…that means it’s super special.


Susan Karsten here…I am the writer of this blog. I often review books, but I also write them. My first published work will be releasing on 7-7-17 (a month away). My book, A Match for Melissa, is historical fiction, set in the Regency period (early-1800s England) and written from a Christian perspective. I hope you will consider taking a look at it, and perhaps reading it. See below.

A link to my publisher’s info page about the book:

Here’s an image of the cover:Displaying AMatchForMelissa_prc5371_680.jpg


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