Guide to the Empty Nest, by Rainey & Yates


Wow, tears fell as I drank in the support and validation provided by this book. It was like they were reading my mind and speaking it back…understanding why it’s hard — even when you’ve launched your children well.

Ambivalence…Things are good and not so good at the same time. That about sums up the empty nest. Feelings are feelings, not good or bad…it’s how we act on those feelings.

When the empty nest hit me, I searched for a meaningful, faith-based resource and found none. This book fills that gap big-time!

The anecdotes included are sensitive, and pertinent. I am certainly going to be suggesting this for my friends who read, and am ordering a copy for my sister, who is about to enter the empty nest phase. High marks for this offering.


Susan Karsten here…I am the writer of this blog. I often review books, but I also write them. My first published work will be releasing on 7-7-17 (a month away). My book, A Match for Melissa, is historical fiction, set in the Regency period (early-1800s England) and written from a Christian perspective. I hope you will consider taking a look at it, and perhaps reading it. See below.

A link to my publisher’s info page about the book:

Here’s an image of the cover:Displaying AMatchForMelissa_prc5371_680.jpg


5 thoughts on “Guide to the Empty Nest, by Rainey & Yates

  1. Hi Susan,
    I look forward to reading your book! Just to let you know, your link and image didn’t work on this post, at least from where I am. Maybe you can fix it??

  2. Thanks for sharing this resource. I’m not there yet, but I know I will need a book like this to get through. Your fictional book sounds terrific. I love historical fiction.

    • You are welcome. Even though the first bouts of empty nest are over for me, the feelings still exist. This book is the only one I’ve found that is relatable, and really helpful. Thanks for your kind interest in my soon-to-be-published first novel! It’s Christian fiction and if you are interested, you should be able to find it for puchase 7-7-17 and after on Amazon, or at the Pelican Book Group website. If you do happen to read it, a review on-line would be a blessing. Watch the blog for more updates as I have them!

      • I am following you so I will know when your book is released. I read a LOT, particularly middle grade fiction and historical. I work in an elementary library 😃

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