Review of: Sandpiper Cove, by Irene Hannon

102_7722Here’s another enjoyable, well-written offering from one of my personal favorite contemporary romance writers. At first, I was wondering, “How are these two going to end up together?” But, Hannon resolved my wonderings, with her finely-crafted characters, gripping (but not nerve-wracking) plot twists, and a sprinkling of conflicts and impediments. All wrapped in a setting you just want to get to…a seaside village in Oregon.

Irene Hannon also has a very good way of connecting characters from past books in the series — they seem like old friends now — but the novels stand alone as well. One very original character that appears again is the lunch-truck proprietor who is a bit of a sage. If I didn’t know better, I’d be rushing out find a fish taco, like the ones he makes, which the author makes sound super-delicious.

Side note: My own historical fiction, under contract with a publisher, has been delayed. “A Match for Melissa”, book #1 in the Honor’s Point Series, should have a release date soon. Watch this blog for that info.


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