An Interview with Danele Rotharmel, Author of the Time Counselor Chronicles Series

Author Danele Rotharmel has kindly agreed to grace my blog with her presence. Danele is a lovely person with a fascinating life story and a worthwhile blog of her own, dragonflydanele.

Danele Rotharmel

Let’s hop right into my interview

Danele, who are a few of your favorite authors?

Susan, first let me thank you for having me on your blog! It’s such an honor being here! Now to the question. It would almost be easier to tell you who aren’t my favorite authors! I’ve been addicted to books since before kindergarten. Whenever I have a moment, I bury my nose in a story. I don’t  read just one book at a time—I have several going at once. I’m a huge fan of L.M. Montgomery, J.R.R. Tolkien, Laura Ingalls Wilder, and C.S. Lewis.

And as far as my current day favorite authors, Jerry Ireland, and I’m currently reading his Embracing the Baobab. Reverend Ireland is a missionary to Africa, and each chapter of his book contains a short story of true events. Several of the stories are incredibly funny. I always try to include a touch of humor in my books, and I love how successfully Reverend Ireland has made me laugh.

A new author that I’ve just discovered is Marissa Meyer. I’m currently reading her book Cinder. I’ve always loved fairy tales, and this sci-fi fairy tale merges Cinderella with cyborgs from the future. I enjoy Meyer’s ability to make unbelievable cyborgs seem totally possible, and I try to do the same thing with time travel. I want my readers to feel that TEMCO is not only plausible but actually a logical projection of a future organization. I haven’t read many of Marissa Meyer’s books, so I’m not sure if they are all clean and good, but I am enjoying Cinder.

Next, since Danele writes time travel mysteries, I asked her for her dream time travel trip to a bygone era:

Rather than time traveling into the past, I think I would rather travel into the future. There are so many things that I would love to find out! For instance, when will the cure for cancer be available? Will there be a colony on Mars? Will recreational trips to the moon be possible and affordable? Will we trade in our cars for hovercrafts? I would love to walk through a temporal portal and satisfy my curiosity!

Danele, what are your hobbies, besides writing?

I love gardening, baking, hiking, crocheting, scrapbooking, and organizing cupboards. Yes, I know that last hobby sounds strange, but I get such a KICK out of organizing my junk drawer. There’s something incredibly satisfying about bring order to chaos. And if you want to know how SERIOUSLY weird I am—I also enjoy folding the laundry—especially if the clothes are warm from the dryer.


As a child, Danele, what did you want to be when you grew up?

When I was a child, I always wanted to be an author. I can remember making “books” in elementary school out of loose paper stapled together. I always desired to hold a book I had written in my hand. Later, I also dreamed of being a missionary. Although my illness and quarantine made me unable to travel to the nations, God has allowed me to reach many people through my blog. Currently,

is being read in over 90 countries! I love being able to share the spiritual lessons I’ve learned. If there’s one message that I could send the world it would be that God is amazing, God is trustworthy even during tragedy, and there is always hope.

What is your favorite meal?

My favorite meal varies depending on my mood. When I’m celebrating, I love eating lobster or Chinese food. When I’m sick, I make a batch of chicken soup (or just open a can). When I’m cold, I reach for clam chowder. When I want to pamper myself, I make a pizza—heavy on the pepperoni and banana peppers. And when I just want a special treat, I eat Mexican food—and LOTS of chips and salsa. I also love cookies, chocolate-covered cherries, potato chips, peach salsa, sizzling French fries, caramel corn, and hot-fudge sundaes.

Wow, Danele, you are a fun and interesting interviewee! Thanks for being here.


 To whet your appetite for Danele’s latest book, here’s Time Search’s Back Cover Blurb:

A nameless evil lurks in the shadows…

In the wake of a recent wave of violence, TEMCO employees are left reeling. While some of the staff are put into hiding, others are left behind to discover the true identity of the mysterious nemesis who is determined to destroy them all. While Crystal, Marc, and Zeke search for clues to unravel the mystery of his real name, their enemy is lurking in the shadows searching for TEMCO’s missing leaders. It’s a race against the clock! And as the hours and seconds tick away, it’s anyone’s guess whose search will be completed first. It’s a classic battle of good versus evil, and the stakes couldn’t be higher!

Author Bio:

Danele Rotharmel’s life took an unexpected turn when a mysterious illness brought her close to death. Eventually, she learned that a carbon monoxide leak from a faulty furnace was poisoning her. This poisoning triggered Multiple Chemical Sensitivity, causing her to be put in quarantine. For seven years, she could only talk to friends and extended family through a windowpane. During this time, she wrote the first six books in The Time Counselor Chronicles.  Although her journey back to health was difficult, it provided her the opportunity to grow closer to God and write her books. For that, she’s forever thankful. To learn more about Danele, visit her blog:

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8 thoughts on “An Interview with Danele Rotharmel, Author of the Time Counselor Chronicles Series

  1. LOVE this interview!! I don’t hear many people talk about L.M. Montgomery, but I have all of her books & really enjoyed them! I also enjoy your other authors. I have some books that I reread each year, and I love to reread any of those author’s books. I giggled that you like to organize cupboards, because I love to organize and reorganize. It IS so rewarding! This is such a fun interview and a great series that I highly, HIGHLY recommend!!!!

  2. Thank you so much for interviewing me, Susan! I’ve had such a great time working with you! And for those of you who are following “Time Search’s” blog tour, DANELE’S 15th MYSTERY WORD is NICOLE!

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