Time Search, by Danele Rotharmel

Review by: Susan Karsten

Time Search, the third book in the Time Counselor Chronicles, is a much-anticipated addition to what is stacking up to be a rousing, excellent adventure series.

Beginning with some beloved characters from the first two books appearing in the new, third volume of the Chronicles, the story quickly ramps up with some seriously page-turning events.

Let me interject here, that having gotten to know the author, Danele, I was blown away by the way she writes such gut-wrenching drama. She is a lovely ladylike person, and even though she writes extremely dramatic and violent scenes when necessary, she also infuses her books with likable characters, light, and good humor.

We meet her villain early on in the story. Drake is keenly drawn, and quite scary. The author intersperses scenes of his misdeeds, with other scenes featuring the team trying to solve his crime spree. The stakes are high, and reading this novel is a thrill-ride.

I recommend this book, especially for fans of suspense, and time travel fiction.

Bravo, Danele! Book three is even better than the first two, and that says a lot.


Shortened Amazon Paperback Link: https://www.amazon.com/Time-Search-Counselor-Chronicles/dp/1542527007





6 thoughts on “Time Search, by Danele Rotharmel

  1. Thank you so much for reviewing “Time Search,” Susan! I’m so glad that you enjoyed it! And for those of you who are following “Time Search’s” blog tour, DANELE’S 15th MYSTERY WORD is NICOLE!

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