An Uncommon Courtship, by Kristi Ann Hunter ~ my latest book review

102_7484The premise of Hunter’s new book is quite original. In the Regency genre, close to 100% of the plots have a marriage at the end of the book. In An Uncommon Courtship, the wedding comes first.

About the only typical Regency plot device found is the compromising of the heroine, and actions taken to prevent her from having a ruined reputation ~ namely, the man who compromised her must do the honorable thing and marry her.

Beyond that, the novel is wildly unique. The not-ready-for-marriage hero miserably bumbles his early days of marriage. The heroine is a fish out of water once her groom sweeps her off to London.

The strength of An Uncommon Courtship lies in the portrayals of the inner lives of the two main characters — both hero and heroine. Hunter gives the reader a deep look into the characters’ motivations, fears, thoughts, and conflicts.

Solving their marital weaknesses provides for a provocative, and sometimes funny, reading experience.

I received the book through a review program that I occasionally blog for. Kristi Ann Hunter was a member of the group blog, Regency Reflections (now folded and archived somewhere in cyberspace) that I was a part of. I have learned from Kristi, and I am happy to assist her publishing career by informing you all about her book.


Hi, I am the author of this blog, Susan Karsten, and my debut novel, A Match for Melissa,  is coming out in March, 2017. Be sure to check it out!

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