Christmas Quilt #1, Rail Fence


This quilt has been in the making for a long time. I got the scraps, already cut into strips, at a rummage sale — oh, probably about eight years ago. Within a year or two of that, I had the top made — only to set it aside due to the busy teenage years of my children.

In 2015, I gave the top to a professional quilter to finish it for me. She never did. Months later, I finally got in contact with her and she’d fallen too ill to quilt anymore and didn’t have the energy to call me and break the news.

On to plan B. I would teach myself how to do free-motion quilting. Which I did. This is probably the third or fourth quilt I have done the free-motion technique on.

I gave the finished quilt to my son and his growing little family. I think it will be fun for their children to play I Spy with all the little conversational prints. “Hey, Johnny, betcha can’t find the JOY!” (Bet he can!)


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