Time Trap, by Danele Rotharmel


Eager to read the next book in the Time Counselor Chronicles, I implored Danele to send me a review copy so that I could share about it on my blog. Time Trap, book #2 in the series, is a recent release. I am sure anyone who read Book #1, Time Tsunami, will be just as eager to read this next installment.

Chapter one hooks readers with a shocking attack. Kept in suspense, we don’t know the why of it, or the identity of the attacker. That just makes you desperately want to keep turning pages. Wow, Danele can really do a violent scene well. You wouldn’t expect that from such a lovely feminine author 🙂

The fascinating characters are one of the most charming elements of this novel. So much humor (in the light of dire circumstance), and so much detail. The characters become dear friends and you don’t want to let them go. Several favorites return from the dazzling first book in the series.

This richly hued, rollicking adventure will keep you awake at night.

Do you have a favorite time-travel novel to share with my readers? Please leave the title in a comment.

Thanks, Susan





6 thoughts on “Time Trap, by Danele Rotharmel

  1. Dear Susan, I’m so glad that you enjoyed “Time Trap,” the 2nd book in “The Time Counselor Chronicles!” Hearing that makes me very happy! And thank you for your kind words about my action scenes. I work very hard to make my fight scenes seem realistic. I’m so glad that you think “Time Trap” is a page turner! And guess what? I have wonderful news for you! The 3rd book in my series, “Time Search,” is being released on January 13, 2017! I hope you enjoy “Time Search” just as much as you enjoyed “Time Trap” and “Time Tsunami!” I also hope that you have a lovely day! Thanks so much for featuring my book on your lovely website!

    • I’m so glad that you are enjoying my books, Susan! I used writing to escape pain during my illness–writing brought me joy. I’m glad that the words I have written are bringing you and my other readers joy too!

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