A Moonbow Night, by Laura Frantz

102_7375-1With a vividly detailed tale reminiscent of Jane Kirkpatrick’s historical fiction, Frantz’s newest release lives up to her fans’ expectations.

Author Frantz takes the reader on a journey into the wilderness during the early days of settlement in Kentucky (called Kentucke in the novel). She nails the setting and you may feel your toes tingling with frostbite as the characters move through a frigid, dangerous region, on a journey riddled with peril.

On a mission to survey the region, Sion lands in a wilderness outpost. An extremely welcome rustic inn holds the talented Temperance Tucker, the daughter of the proprietors.

Tangling with raw nature, the elements, and with fierce Indians who resent their arrival, the tension mounts as Sion and Temperance go through fiery trials.

Have you read any great historical fiction lately? Please share your favorites in a comment.

Thanks for reading! Susan



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