Feta & Freeways, Susan Baganz’s Latest Contemporary Romance

FetaandFreewaysCover copy.jpg

Let me tell you…this one grabs you and won’t let go! I am blogging about this book for a writer friend, but I thoroughly enjoyed this one on its own merits — just thankful she gave me a copy for the blog so I could read it.

Baganz’s touch with romance is so deft, so real, so deep–I was sucked into the drama from the word go. The heroine is a bit of a waif, albeit a talented and resourceful one. The hero is a talented musician/song-writer with a successful band.

I like the second half of the book best, when the hero, Nikolas, and the heroine, Tia, take a series of halting steps toward one another. Also, toward the end of the book , we learn even more shocking information about Tia’s family and early life. This reveal is riveting, and it wrapped up the story so well.

To top off the many likable aspects of Feta & Freeways, I mustn’t forget the fabulous setting. The story world revolves around bands, roadies, publicity, etc. The author, Susan Baganz, certainly must have experienced this life, because she portrays it in great interesting detail. I never knew how much business sense and determination it takes to become a successful band and recording artist. Fascinating.

Baganz 0524 Edited color

Author, Susan Baganz

So, please accept my recommendation–if contemporary romance is your preferred genre to read, you will love it. Bye for now, Susan Karsten (Graciouswoman)

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