Dr. Michelle Bengtson’s: HOPE Prevails, Insights from a Doctor’s Journey Through Depression


This is a really good book on the topic of depression. This doctor found, through her own struggle with depression, that the cures she had been offering to her own psychology patients did not work!

She opens up painful chapters from her own life, and in so doing, lays out a different way to deal with depression. Her chapter on the underlying causes of depression really opened my layman’s eyes.

Bengtson covers deep topics such as worth, joy, peace, eternal destiny, and pain. She gives a helpful appendix on helping a depressed loved one. Each section offers bible verses to read, learn, and meditate upon. She gives the names of uplifting song recordings at the end of each chapter, too.

I recommend this as an excellent resource for laymen, professionals, and anyone suffering from depression.

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