I Wish He Had Come With Instructions, by Mike Bechtle


I went into reading this expecting some same-old stuff…ha ha, aren’t men and women different and it’s so funny. But this was far above that. It’s not written from a woman’s perspective, it’s not about male-female relationships, not full of advice, not opinion-based.

Rather, the author’s stated goal is to provide a glimpse into the mind of men so we ladies can strengthen our relationships with them. Bechtle¬†really brings some fresh insight to the table. Even though the author falls into some cliches, such as: all men are messy/unclean, and all men want to go out and hang out with “the guys”, most of his thoughts are clearly understandable and many are helpful to contemplate.

The book is divided into 5 parts: The care and feeling of a man, How he thinks, How he acts, How he communicates, and How he grows.

One example of an interesting concept brought out by the author is that he differentiates between maleness and “stuff” (history/baggage). He also delves into what drives anger.

I recommend this as an interesting book, with much food for thought.

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