The Secrets of Wishtide, by Kate Saunders

This was a book that I liked so much that I quick went to see if she’d written others with this fascinating set of characters. No, this is a debut of a series. Boo-hoo. I will have to wait for more from this author.


So, so, so, so good. All my reading friends, rush out and get this enjoyable, super, well-written mystery. Set in 1850, this is the sort of book you can’t for more of and the author will be on your favorites list from here on out.

I won’t tell you the plot, because I don’t want to take away any of your fun. I will tell you that the story is somewhat Dickensian, but thoroughly up-to-date in polish and readability. A hint of Alcott..but those likenesses aren’t what make it so special. It’s excellent on its own terms.

The first book in a series – A Laetitia Rodd Mystery – Secrets of Wishtide has it all. Family drama, people who aren’t who you think they are, action, adventure, deceit, an excellent moral compass,  and a 52 year-old heroine.

This delightful, yet strong treasure of a book — go get it. A charming mystery with heroes and villains.


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