The Baron’s Blunder, by Susan Baganz

THE Baron's Blunder.jpg

The Baron’s Blunder is a Regency Romance novella (24K words) worth reading. The way the author, Susan Baganz, writes the romantic scenes alone is priceless, but she also takes you on a literary romp with her fascinating characters and their scintillating, sparkling dialogue. Many memorable scenes abound and you won’t want The Baron’s Blunder to end.

I have the privilege of knowing this prolific local Wisconsin author. She and I write in the same genre: Inspirational (Christian) Regency Romance.

Regency romance fiction is my favorite. For those of you unfamiliar, the genre is set in the early 1800s England. Yes, that’s a narrow window of time, but delightful stories can be set there. Trust me, the social mores of the time create numerous fascinating chances for romance to be engendered, then stymied by the strict social rules.

So find The Baron’s Blunder on Amazon or elsewhere, and enjoy a fine Regency Romance.

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