Singapore Secrets, by Irene Onarato

Susan Karsten here with a really great read to tell you about. Irene Onarato is an author I have “met” through my own writing journey. She and I got to know each other while exchanging critiques on some of our novels. I am thrilled to do a review of one of her first published novels, Singapore Secrets, published by eLectio Publishing. (I did not critique this.)

101_0952.JPGI don’t know if Irene has been to Singapore, or had any of the exciting experiences that fill the pages of this book, but it sure felt real. I very much enjoyed the sensitive treatment of the romance between Julia and Gabriel and journeying along on their adventures. But, things aren’t as they seem, and true love has a rocky, bumpy ride until the couple works through some significant hurdles.

The dramatic action and fight scenes near the end of the book are extremely well-written. Not everyone can do a scene like that and pull it off. I felt as if I was in the room with Julia and the realism was excellent.

What a joy it is for me to see the success of such a good writing friend. I recommend Singapore Secrets.

One thought on “Singapore Secrets, by Irene Onarato

  1. Thanks so much for reviewing Singapore Secrets, Susan. Yes, I’ve been to Singapore. And Malaysia too, which is mentioned in the book. I’m so pleased that you liked the book.

    It was a joy to exchange projects with you for critiques. Perhaps we can do it again one day.

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