Sea Rose Lane, by Irene Hannon

Susan here, happily sharing about a special novel. It’s now official, Irene Hannon is one of my most favorite Writers in the Christian inspirational romance fiction market. She reliably delivers touching, well-written, creative, and unique romances which one can relax and enjoy.


In her latest offering ~ Hannon’s 50th published novel ~ We are transported off to the northwest United States. To the shore of Oregon. Before I tell you a little bit of enticing information about the novel, I want to mention that Hannon ventured into some new territory this time, featuring a minor character who seemed to have a bit of the “second sight”. The taco vendor (what is the fascination with fish tacos? – tried them and did not understand the sensation they have raised 🙂 is something of a prophet and there is also a seal who seems to rear his head (?) at likely moments. I admire writers who can add whimsical touches like these without losing the thread of the main plot. I enjoyed these elements.

In the book, A female architect meets a laid-off big-time young hot-shot lawyer. Sparks soon fly, and the journey to true love is truly enjoyable. I highly recommend Hannon’s books.


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