The Saddle Maker’s Son, by Kelly Irvin

Susan here, with another review of the latest book from Kelly Irvin. She’s, in my opinion, the best writer of Amish fiction that I have come across. From her unusual plots, to her sensitive and realistic portrayals of the Amish life, Kelly Irvin hits many high notes with her plots, characters, and setting. This time […]

Murder Comes by Mail, by A. H. Gabhart

Susan here, with a review of an exciting new release from Revell Publishing. Murder Comes by Mail is a cozy mystery. Number two in the series, readers will find a charming setting in the little town of Hidden Springs. One will also stumble across a charming, subtle hero in Sheriff Michael Keane. Things have a […]

Every Bride Has Her Day, by Janice Thompson

Janice Thompson has quite a following. She writes these hilarious, fun, and satisfying novels, some of which are about the crazy times leading up to a wedding. This one has a fairy-tale aspect in that the groom is a pro basketball star! So, lets’ just start off with the whole fantasy element of that! This […]