Free Cutting Boards

For years now, I have had access to a renewable source of free cutting  boards.

Is a cutting board company giving me free boards to try? No. Is my mother repetitively gifting cutting boards to me? NO. Did I receive 22 cutting boards as wedding gifts? No.

But around here, buying ice cream by the bucket is quite popular. And my deep dark secret kitchen tip is that the lids make wonderful cutting boards.


Why are they wonderful? When your ice cream bucket lid “cutting board” gets a bit cut up with some slashes, put it in the recycling. Because, if your family eats ice cream, you will frequently have a new “board” waiting in the wings.

Besides being free, recyclable, and easy to come by, these cutting surfaces have a small lip that prevents spills while carrying refuse over to your garbage can. They are flexible enough to pour ingredients off of as well.



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